2022 Legislative Session

You can make real change simply by telling your stories...and encouraging clients, staff, supporters, partners to do the same.

So far, our priority issues for 2022 include:

Medicaid expansion

  • HB 6/SB 150: Full Adult Dental Medicaid Benefit
    • Maryland is just one of three states without adult dental coverage in Medicaid. This bill would create a full and comprehensive adult dental care Medicaid benefit.
    • SB 150 is scheduled for a hearing on 1/25 at 1 p.m. in Senate Finance.
      • Watch live by clicking here and then clicking on the live video link next to the words: "Finance Committee - Bill Hearing for January 25" (icon will appear at 1 p.m.)
  • Take action

"We have seen low-income adults go decades without addressing their oral health because they don’t have insurance and Medicaid won’t cover their care. And when they finally do see a dentist, it’s because the pain has become unbearable. This is not a sustainable way to fund this most basic and essential form of health care." 

Harm reduction

  • HB 190: Good Samaritan Law Expansion

    • This bill expands the list of crimes for which "Good Samaritans" aiding a person experiencing an overdose cannot be charged to include all misdemeanors. 


Other issues to keep an eye out for as bills get introduced:

  • CHIP and prenatal Medicaid coverage for undocumented immigrants
  • Housing justice
  • Expanded Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming care
  • Peer Recovery Specialist reimbursement
  • Criminal records expungement expansion
  • Criminal diversion for behavioral health

What does it mean to share a story?

  • Stories can be in the form of an email, a phone call that’s transcribed, a pre-recorded video or a recorded Zoom meeting.

  • You can make a difference by sharing your own experience from a staff and/or personal perspective, as a client or supporter.
  • You can encourage others to share their experiences by referring them to advocacy@hchmd.org or directly helping to record their story.  
  • Reach out to Director of Public Policy Joanna Diamond with any questions!

How will these personal examples help?

  • Joanna can include them in written testimony that will influence the hearings.

  • You might have an opportunity to share your story directly with legislators as part of hearings.
  • Joanna can compile written and recorded stories and share with legislators after the hearings to advocate for their votes in favor of the bill.

"No-one wants to hear from me - they want to hear from you! People sharing real experiences with legislators is the most impactful way to influence legislation. They need to know there is a problem to be solved.” - Joanna Diamond, Director of Public Policy

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