All Health Care for the Homeless clinics are closed on Monday, May 29. We will be back to normal hours on Tuesday, 5/30. Baltimore City shelters will remain open, but the Shelter Hotline will be down on Monday. Please call shelters directly at their numbers listed here:


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Want to find out what's happening in DC with health reform and other issues important to the Health Care for the Homeless community? The National Health Care for the Homeless Council's monthly Mobilizer will keep you up to speed on national policy and provide you with concrete opportunities to further advocacy for the Health Care for the Homeless community. It includes summaries of what's happening in Congress and the Administration, ideas for what you can do to help advocate for needed change and suggested reading materials on key topics that are timely and of interest.

The national policy team for the Council is based here in Baltimore, so take advantage of them! Barbara, Regina and Katherine are all happy to talk further!


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