2019 Staff 5K Team Roundup


Your co-workers are going the extra mile… literally! Meet the coolest staff-led 5K teams on the block, and get inspired to join their teams or create your own. See you at Lake Montebello on November 2!

Homeward Bound: Team Captain Lydia Santiago                    Homeward Bound is gearing up for their third 5K - where they'll put clients at the center of their team again. If their photo looks familiar, it's because the team rocketed to stardom as the face of the 5K in last year's promotional poster. And they couldn't have been more proud. Fearless leader Lydia is ready to rally, saying, “We’re so excited about the event!”

L'in Da Mood to Run: Team Captain Kevin Lindamood
This team TWO-ly has it all. Not one, but TWO Kevins. Not one but TWO Lindamood daughters. This isn't their first, but their SECOND year as a 5K team. When asked about a favorite memory, Kevin remembers a client cheering runners on in the last leg of the race. The sign said "You can do it!" That's the motto of L'in Da Mood to Run. Oh, and "Old guys run fast, too." 

Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure: Team Captain Kylie Abegg
As a tribute to The Office, Kylie Abegg bring the Race for the Cure to Lake Montebello for its first year. No matter your knowledge of the show or its characters, this team is ready to stare into the camera for a great cause. But they'll plan to pass on the fettucine alfredo. To pitch the team, Abegg says: “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” Enough said.

No Agony for De Feet: Team Captain Christina Bauer
No Agony for De Feet enters the race for its third year with the cutest mascot of them all: Christina's son, Charlie. The team runs reasonably fast, eats donuts and brings all the babies. For potential recruits, Christina says: “Running? Walking? Do’nut miss this!”

Overwhelming SOCKcess: Team Captain Hanna Mast
 Overwhelming SOCKcess will be stepping up to the starting line for the fourth year. They are a "rag-tag team" of staff and friends. They like puns and rock matching team socks (past versions include: unicorn v. narwhal, taco-saurus and roller-skating dinosaurs). When asked to pitch the team in five words, Hanna says: "Carb-loading party at my house!"

Run Amok: Team Captain Stephanie Donelan
Run Amok is hitting the track for the second year. What started as a friendly rivalry between Team Justice League turned into a strong team of Convalescent Care crew and friends. Their cheering section? Almost a third of CCP clients! Stephanie has no doubts: "Run Amok is the best!"

Runs for Donuts: Team Captain Kevin Feldt
Kevin rallies his team for their third year at the 5K. The team started with the age-old question: How do you convince a 6 year old to walk around a lake? The answer was sweet and simple: donuts! If walking isn't your style, you can still support the team. "If you give, you don't have to run," Kevin Fundraiser Feldt points out.

Sole Train: Team Captain David Dexter
This is the first year the Sole Train is "leaving the station" for the Rock Your Socks 5K. According to David, "Sole Train is the hippest team in America." They may appear as an exclusive group of elite fundraisers, but the truth is that everyone is welcome. All you need are some funky socks and a desire to help kids without homes get the care they need. His final call? "All aboard!"

The Sock Monkeys: Team Captain Lindsey Weikert
The Sock Monkeys are another fresh team in our lineup. And the team is Lindsey's way of getting her friends and family to play a role in the amazing work that she does every day. They may not be the fastest team ("Actually we definitely won't be," Lindsey says), but they'll be the team laughing and having fun! For those considering the 5K, Lindsey says, "Come make awesome memories!"

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