The Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services has declared a winter shelter warning for the period of Saturday, February 24 at 4 pm through Sunday, February 25 at 9 am. Call 211 (available 24/7) or 443-984-9540 to connect with shelter. Get more info here.

Action Alert: Support Emergency Rental Assistance


Currently, there is $0 budgeted for state rental assistance funding, even after advocates have been pushing for at least $175M in funding.

Health Care for the Homeless is deeply alarmed at the lack of funding for emergency rental assistance, particularly in light of the unprecedented challenges facing low-income families, families with children, and communities of color and the strong recommendations in favor of rental assistance funding found in the Moore-Miller Transition report.

It is clear that post-pandemic recovery has not been equitable and that certain communities continue to feel the social and economic impacts of the pandemic with the most pressing issue being housing security. With over 106,000 households, from Garrett County to the Eastern Shore, currently behind on rent, and over 141,000 children in households behind on rent, emergency rental assistance is necessary to prevent a wave of evictions and homelessness across the state. Without adequate support, Black, Latino, and low-income families and communities will be pushed further into poverty and insecurity, exacerbating existing inequities and widening the gap between those who have access to stable housing and those who do not.

  Large raincloud over icons of a family of three huddled together. Text reads: It's a rainy day right now for the 108,000 families in Maryland at risk of eviction. #LeaveNoOneBehind. Of the families very likely to be evicted in the next 2 months: 98-100% have children; 82% are low income; 80% are people of color; Black men are locked up while Black women are locked out.

Maryland households currently have $265,600,000 in rent debt, which is a staggering amount that highlights the urgent need for financial support. By investing in emergency rental assistance, Maryland can help keep families housed and provide a safety net during these challenging times.

As an agency committed to promoting social justice and equity, Health Care for the Homeless urges Governor Moore, President Ferguson, and Speaker Jones to take immediate action to address this urgent issue and provide the funding necessary to keep Maryland families housed and secure. We must continue to work together to create a more just and equitable Maryland, that prioritizes the most vulnerable communities.

Urge Governor Moore to keep Marylanders housed!

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