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In June, 170 people joined our inaugural Community of Practice conversation Addressing Racial Inequities in Health Care. As you read through the questions we explored with our panelists, take a moment to reflect on your own answers.

Lisa Cooper, MD, MPH, FACP Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity; Director, Urban Health Institute

In your field, why is racism so uncomfortable to discuss and address?
As physicians, we take an oath to do no harm to others. To talk about racism means we need to admit to ourselves that we are contributing to the problem.

Rev. S Todd Yeary, JD, Ph.D. Senior Pastor, Douglas Memorial Community Church; Senior VP & Chief of Global Policy, Rainbow Push Coalition

What is your analysis of racial disparities in the time of COVID-19?
People are dying in real time because we’re not willing to deal with this issue of the system being skewed toward those who have. The government deployed ¾ of a trillion dollars to support businesses. The argument that we can’t come up with the resources is a fiction.

The Honorable John Olszewski, Jr., MA, Ph.D. Baltimore County Executive

What should you be doing differently to address structural racism and racial inequities?
Government is disproportionately white and male. We need to look at our hiring practices, how we allocate resources, implicit bias training and policing. As white leaders, we need to listen.

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