Generosity Global brings free shower services to Baltimore


Hygiene resources are more important than ever, but COVID-19 has made access even harder for our neighbors without homes.

But, The Mayors Office of Homeless Services and Generosity Global are changing that with portable shower services. Through summer, they'll be setting up shop outside of our downtown clinic and offering those experiencing homelessness (up to 120 people a day!) a place to enjoy something most of us take for granted - a place to clean up in peace. 

Check out the schedules below, and spread the word!

421 Front St. (Next to our downtown clinic)
9 a.m. - 1 p.m





Thursday, July 30

Tuesday, August 7

Wednesday, August 8

Thursday, August 9

Tuesday, August 14

Wednesday, August 15

Thursday, August 16

Tuesday, August 21

Wednesday, August 22

Thursday, August 23

Tuesday, August 28

Wednesday, August 29

Thursday, August 30

Tuesday, September 1

Wednesday, September 2

Thursday, September 3

Tuesday, September 8

Wednesday, September 9

Thursday, September 10

Tuesday, September 15

Wednesday, September 16

Thursday, September 17

Tuesday, September 22

Wednesday, September 23

Thursday, September 27

Tuesday, September 29

Wednesday, September 30

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