By Malcolm Williams

We rally today; we fight tomorrow; we give hell to a system that forces cruel choices through policy. We hold our heads up high with pride and no fear, forcing them to understand it’s time to care.

We are gathered here together                                                                                                     
fighting for those who often find themselves left outside in societies cold, cold weather                    
looking for assistance in making their future as employees many lifetimes better.

We are fighting for those who find life hard for themselves                                                     
whose very existence in this current condition causes tones of stress                                                             
the inability to feel safe in a system, so mean                                                                                     
we take this fight to the doorstep of those who pass harmful laws behind the scene.

We scream from top of our lungs, so our voices echo throughout this space,                                         
causing ripples that shake the foundation of the bullshit so often produced by this place                           
our people are hurting and in need of a helping hand.                                                                               
Let’s scream from the top of our lungs to let them know we are here to take a stand.

Against grandmothers fallen ill from a system created to keep hospitals filled                                             
with victims of poor healthcare deals passed behind these very closed doors                                               
where families must choose between taken care of loves ones or jobs that keep them from sleeping outdoors
while politicians look for reasons to ignore                                                                                                     
the cries from the masses who fill these unconstitutional voids we scream never more!
Shall our brothers and sisters feel pressured to have their loved ones take backseats to their employers this is a call to action, and we are here to bring the noise                                                                                

Yelling this has to stop, because not one family should be left in the dark                                           
we push this rally cry so that it may spark                                                                                                 
a light inside the minds of those put in charge to talk
on behalf of the most vulnerable of us all
we demand that you answer the call

By passing a bill that will create equity within the job space                       
and families don’t have to abandon loved ones just to keep up their pay rate
let’s stand firm on this important cause that has brought us to this space.                                            

We rally, we rally, we rally with no fear.

So let it be known that we are here and we’re not going anywhere                                       
because the fight that’s before you create countless warriors throughout the year                          
and it’s a war for what’s right, and we are gathered here to fight.                                                              

A battle that must succeed because, in order for job equity in Maryland to be achieved,           
we must pass Paid Family and Medical Leave.

We rally today; we fight tomorrow; we give hell to a system that forces cruel choices through policy. We hold our heads up high with pride and no fear, forcing them to understand it’s time to care.                   


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