WBAL talks whole-person care with our Chief Quality Officer Tonii Gedin


The Point-in-Time Count’s preliminary report on homelessness has many talking about what’s happening right here in our city and our state. On the heels of the report, WBAL invited our Chief Quality Officer Tonii Gedin to discuss our whole-person approach to care—how it works and why it’s so important four our neighbors without homes.  

We try to have an approach that covers everything that may be happening to you. What are your housing needs? What are some of the things that may have happened to you in the past that may be affecting your ability to gain housing and stay housed and really be the functioning person in society you want to be? We try to accomplish it from that angle.” Tonii explained to WBAL’s Jason Newton.   

With so many variables in one’s life, whole-person care means that one-size does not fit all. And what’s key is that clients play an active, thoughtful role in their care.

“We’re getting at what’s happening with you and not taking a one-size-fits-all approach, which is where our whole-person care really comes in,” said Tonii. “How can we build a team around you to help support you and to help you become an active participant in your care?”

While the Point-in-Time count showed a slight decrease in homelessness overall nationwide, we know there’s really more than meets the eye and that homelessness is only becoming more severe and more frequent. By growing and strengthening our whole-person approach to care, our goal is to treat everyone, for every aspect of their health.

 “If anyone needs help, we’re a place where you can come for step one, and we’ll try to guide you as best we can,” said Tonii, letting people know how and where to reach us.    

Watch the interview here.

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