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Welcome Marc Fratus


Enjoy a short Q&A with our new IT Director

After 16+ years in IT work, what is the most rewarding part of being in this field?

Being able to take a global approach to IT instead of just focusing on one aspect. There is a certain feeling of ownership that is compelling.

What drew you to Health Care for the Homeless?

The position and its potential influence in the organization is very similar to the 11 years I spent at Alliance, Inc., a mental health and rehabilitative services provider. After the last few years of working in the banking industry, there is a "going home again" feeling. To paraphrase Spock of Star Trek, "...for *nowhere* am I so *desperately* needed as among an organization of technology-reliant healthcare providers." It's good to be a part of something that provides a greater value.

Is there anything you want staff to know about your approach to IT work?

IT is a service effort. Whatever we do, it has to be right for the business, its mission statement and stakeholders.

Safeguarding clients’ protected health information is an extremely important task for IT – and for our staff as a whole. We periodically have a phishing attempt come through impersonating our CEO, which we’ve dubbed “Fake Kevin.” Do you have any particularly memorable phishing attempts to share?

Once I got a phishing email from someone posing as...me! That was a bizarre moment. Needless to say, I researched and investigated every aspect of it. What if it was a "future me" trying to convey critical information to myself? LOL!

How do you spend your free time?

In addition to time with my family, I like to play golf and word games, travel to watch sports teams, exercise, read and watch documentaries. And as an adult, I very much enjoy learning about history.

Jot Marc a quick hello or look for his face on our next virtual All-Staff!

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