PI: Flu Vaccine

Goal: By March 31, 2018, 45% of eligible clients will have documentation of flu vaccine administration (2017 rate = 27%) 

Why do we want our clients to get flu vaccines? The treatable virus has the potential to become fatal for our clients due to complications that arise from unstable living conditions and chronic illness. The annual flu vaccine is easily administered and has the potential to save lives!

2017-2018 Flu Season Results: The current flu season is nearly at a close, and we are closing out at a rate of around 35%, which, while higher than any previous year is still lower than our goal.

Lessons learned for the next flu season include:

  • Need to involve departments other than medical in referring clients. Our eligible population includes clients seen for all services, meaning we need to get more of the clients outside of medical
  • It’s a whole-clinic effort. The West Baltimore clinic was able to reach the goal of 45% flu vaccinations by having all staff ask every client – from the front desk to the provider. Do you ask every client you see about getting the flu shot?
  • Incentives only work so well. A lot of our clients remain unwilling to get a flu vaccine due to misinformation, and we have a lot of resistance to overcome still
  • Giving providers daily summaries of who on their visit list needs a referral works! In small timeframes of giving providers their daily list and encouraging them to track results, the organization often exceeded 45%

Current progress: 

Have ideas for how to increase flu shot coverage for our clients? Please email Jen in PI: JMarsh@hchmd.org