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The crew at 201 E. Baltimore Street is working in style! 


Wendy holds annual decorating contests in fall and winter for clinic administration staff at 421 Fallsway. Take a look at the magic some faux leaves and little creativity have made on the first and seocnd floors. 


There was just a little bit of silliness and laughter at our 2016 annual staff retreat at Loyola University. See if you recognize or remember some of these moments...


During breaks and after all the retreat business was through, staff got a chance to knit, play games and just enjoy each other's company. 


Big thanks to Baltimore Improv Group who got us on our feet and helped us have A LOT of fun! 


The previous tenants in Suite 750 at 201 E. Baltimore St. have moved out. And the work to make a Health Care for the Homeless mark on the space—and make it ours—is underway.


We gave participants in our Art Expressions group here at Health Care for the Homeless a bunch of disposable cameras and asked them to capture images that, to them, represented homelessness. This is homelessness through their lens...