PI: Missed appointments

Goal: By December 2018, the organization will have a missed appointment rate at or below 25% (2017 rate = 31%)

What's wrong with missed appointments? “Missed appointments,” scheduled appointments for which a client does not show up or shows up at least 15 minutes late, means a client does not get the care they need, which can leads to further health complications. Additionally, missed appointments affect wait times for other clients and the work of our health care providers. 

How are we going to help clients show up? In late October of 2017 we launched a new phone-reminder service for upcoming appointments through a company called Televox. The effect on the missed appointment rate was immediate but limited, reducing the organization average from 31% to 28%. The team is now considering what else can be done to make the final push to lower beneath 25%. 

What's the latest? 

  • The team has theorized that changing some patients to a same-day only basis for scheduling will help reduce instances of missed appointments, and is currently experimenting with scheduling changes within the Behavioral Health department
  • Root Cause analyses are being conducted for departments and sites with higher than average missed appointment rates. Stay tuned to learn the outcome of those and what changes are being tested to eliminate barriers for our clients

Current progress:

Have an idea to decreased missed appointments here at HCH? Please send it to Jen Marsh in Performance Improvement: JMarsh@hchmd.org