The Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services has declared a winter shelter warning for the period of Saturday, February 24 at 4 pm through Sunday, February 25 at 9 am. Call 211 (available 24/7) or 443-984-9540 to connect with shelter. Get more info here.



Stories of our Health Care for the Homeless community connect us to others and are key in building support for our work to end homelessness. 

Our stories

We are people who need health care and supportive services. We are children and we are seniors. We are physicians, therapists and fundraisers. We are donors. We are advocates. We are volunteers. We know homelessness first-hand. 

Our voices


Why storytelling?

Storytelling changes our perspective. 

When homelessness goes from being an issue to being the experience of somebody we know, it changes us, and it changes our ideas about homelessness and all that causes and comes with it.

Storytelling makes complex issues accessible.

People are often overwhelmed by words and numbers when trying to understand complex issues like poverty, health care and homelessness. Stories about real people living those issues offer an accessible and unique perspective that a PowerPoint or pie chart cannot. 

Storytelling offers insight into systematic issues. 

Homelessness is the result of systemic racism and poor policy decisions. Through personal stories we can identify patterns that point at those systemic issues, and gain important insight into meaningful ways to address them.

Storytelling strengthens community and resolve. 

People connect to people. Stories create those connections. When we begin to understand each other, we're better able to work toward change—together. 


Passing the mic to clients

In order to advance our mission to end homelessness, we have to increase public understanding about the issue. We have to dispel the stereotypes and give the problem a human face. The very best way to do that? Empower clients, those who have and are living the experience of homelessness, to tell their own stories. 


Words from our community...

Britney Dancy

“I didn’t know how long it would take. But I knew eventually I would be back in my own home again.”

Melvin Jones

“Yeah, I was homeless, but I still had—and have—dignity. And now I have so much else.”

Nate Thomas

“Health Care for the Homeless gave me an opportunity. They took a chance on me when other people wouldn’t. Health Care for the Homeless is home. I’m never leaving.”


His journey from sickness and homelessness to health and stability has been a long one. But it’s been steady. And throughout, his optimism and determination to keep moving forward have never wavered. As James always likes to say, “I never gave up.”

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