Strategic Plan: Goal 2

We will design and implement sustainable business models for affordable housing development and supportive housing. 

Saving Lives with Recuperative Care

Thanks to a grant from local hospitals, we spent the end of 2019 planning to expand our Convalescent Care Program (CCP), the only place in Baltimore where people without homes can recuperate after an acute hospital stay. Each year, CCP helps hundreds of people regain health and stability after recovering from an acute illness or injury. And yet, we know there aren’t enough beds for everyone who needs one. Read more >


What’s our role in housing? Our new Housing Committee weighs in.

We’ve known for years that housing is the solution to homelessness—and that housing is health care. Yet, we’ve witnessed a sweeping disinvestment in affordable housing across the country over the past few decades. Starting this summer, we’ve convened a Board of Directors Housing Committee to guide us as we find our place in affordable and supportive housing.

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Housing lessons from Denver

When a few of our staff and board members laced up their boots to head to Denver in the dead of winter last year, housing our city’s most vulnerable individuals was on their minds.“We wanted to know Denver’s secret to their housing development success,” said Senior Policy Director Barbara DiPietro about the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH).

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