Winter shelter status is active Sunday, January 6 through Wednesday, January 23 at 8 a.m. Extra shelter space will be available for single adults and families. Find more details here


Strategic Plan: Goal 1

100% of the people we serve will have timely access to quality, whole-person health care and affordable housing

Ieshia breaks down language barriers

Going to the doctor can be a whole production. You have to figure out who takes your insurance, what paperwork you need, where to fill your prescriptions, and, if you’re really sick, how to see a specialist. Imagine going through these steps in another language or after experiencing one of the most difficult situations of your life. Ieshia joined a workgroup to help clients do just that. 

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Who are "the people we serve"?

James Barnes joined staff, board and clients to make sure that everyone who comes to us gets the care they need. “When people need help, we won’t turn them away,” Board member and client James Barnes says. “If we can’t meet your needs, then we will find someone who will. The goal is to never leave someone stranded.” We formed a workgroup to develop guidance around how to determine a person's eligibility. 

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"Homelessness is not permanent. Let's prove it."

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